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80th Anniversary 1937-2017

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    Garrowhill Bowling Club
    Douglas Drive
    Glasgow G69 6NJ
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Congratulations to ALL our ladies who have made it to the GBC Finals this season.

Well done and good luck to you all

2018 Ladies Finals

CHAMPIONSHIP - M.Scott V L McDougall

PRESIDENTS - M.Henderson V M. Muir

GEMMELL - A Wylie V K. McBride

To be played on Wednesday 29th August at 2.00PM

BALLOTTED PAIRS - M. Muir/M. Grey V M. Delaney/L. McDougall

To be played on Tuesday 28th August at 5.45PM

NOMINATED PAIRS - Date to be arranged


Club Lottery News

Our lottery started on Saturday 24th May 2003 and since that time has gone from strength to strength. As most of you will be aware half of the money raised is given out as prize money while the other half goes towards Club improvements.

The first project the money went towards was the completion of the outdoor shelters followed by new windows, carpets, tables & chairs. The upgrading of the outside lighting and the refurbishment of the ladies locker room has also benefitted from the money raised as has the bar area with a new floor being fitted and also the refurbishment of the club.

Currently all funds from the lottery are going into the reserve fund which will go towards the cost of future projects.

In conclusion, can we thank you all for your excellent support and commitment during the last 14 years and hope this continues in the future.

Remember you've got to be in it to win it!

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